to borrow some phrasing from physics…

the mechanical energy you expend in the process of casting the spell is fed INTO the spiritual energy of the spell itself, thus making it stronger. folks often find physical effort easier to deal with then purely mental ones, so the more physical processes of casting a spell remain popular, even among experienced practitioners.


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general spell design concepts.

1: a good place to start is with the words, incantation, chant, song and so forth. compos the words of power by mentioning the goal of the spell, the spells subject and the powers you wish to invoke to cause that goal to manifest, in whatever order seems to work best for the prose. literary concepts like metaphor, simile, analogy and the like can e very useful for this.


2: next, consider adding movements, hand gestures, dance and body poses to help illustrate and/or reinforce the concept expressed by the incantation. movement and pose can be used to express silently one or more aspect of the incantation if it fits better as an action then a phrase. as mentioned above, the conventions of simile, metaphor and analogy can be useful when finding a way to blend incantation with action.


3: finally, you may want to add an physical object or component to the ritual. usually, these objects are included as props in the action performed along with the incantation, working to further reinforce the symbolism involved, but can also work as recpticals for energy ( charged object), or even be utilized for they’re own spiritual properties (as many crystals are.) pictures, glyphs and images can also be charged with energy and used like other forms of talisman. often, these work well as the drawing of the picture, accompanies with the recitation of words of power and using special inks, can combine all three phases into a cohesive and powerful whole.


in short, write an incantation, come up with a ritual action to help express the incantation, then choose an object or prop to perform the action with. all three phases blending together to form a more powerful working whole.


you can only get as much out of a working as you put into it. some practitioners can invest a huge amount of pure psychic energy and get the desired results, but others find it easier to blend more physical effort into the process to achieve the same effects. this is the point of the above process. not only can it provide a mental focus for the caster, the physical expenditure of energy into the casting of the spell increases its power the same as channeling energy into it through meditative means.

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at its most basic level magical works are about expressing your will to the universe at large in a way that’s filled with power and will resonate out into the cosmos to work your will. there are a multitude of ways to do this, and while various traditions and cultures each have they’re own techniques, we can sketch out some general categories in which different methods can be placed.

Expressions in thought: using focused meditation and imagination to raise and direct magical energy. this is noteworthy while while it does comprise its own methods, it also forms the basis for the energy work you will be doing in the later, more complex forms. imagination is the muscle that moves magical energy.

expressions in Sound: chants, rhymes, incantations and the like. the second most basic and most common form of working. we already use words to structure and express out thoughts to one another. its a simple thing to fill the voice with power and use it to express magical intention to the cosmos.

Expression in action: hand poses, gestures, dance and the like can carry symbolic meaning, and thusly are well suited as a means of magical expression.

expression in craft: another commonmethod. this involves creating a physical representation of your magical intntions, and placing that item where you want the intention to manifest. many layers of symbolism and sympathetic connection are employed. as well as other methods for imbueing meaning into the object.

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a rough framework for spells.

the 3 intentions.
– the goal the spell is intended to achieve.
– the forces the spell caster draws together to meet that goal
– the recipient of the spells effect.

crossed with

the 3 expressions.
– the voice, words chants and incantations.
– the gesture, actions, signs, hand poses and dances.
– the item, a substance, object or material.

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mankind is a tool using species. its one of the big reasons we’re the dominant animal on the planet. we make our most powerful magic by engaging that instinct, the creation of magical tools that express our intentions into the greater universe. recepticals of will and energy that help us shape arcane forces into the desired goal with much greater efficiency than with will alone.

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by inscribing the rune onto a object, the object becomes an extension of the concept the rune represents. then by wielding the object, the user also wields the power the rune connects to.

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a hah!

any act can be an expression of will when accompanied by words that explain it as such.

objects can be turned into longer lasting expressions of will by including inscribed words, colors, materials and other symbolic connections to your intentions in the object.

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Sense and Ritual

the senses can provide a useful basis for designing a ritual. the more you engage your senses in the ritual, the more powerful it can be. this means that each sense should be stimulated somehow in the ritual.

Vision: something to look at
Hearing: something to listen to
Touch: something to handle and manipulate
Smell/taste: a scent or taste.

coordinate as many of the senses as you can into a working that is expressive of your will/goal/intention. repetition can be useful to help build energy, and though the more senses you include, the better, you dont have to include them all if it would be to difficult.

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thought forms

A thought form can be more then an astral/mental construct. any outward expression of your will/thoughts essentially gives them form, and is thus a thought form. a form of your thoughts. an embodiment and expression of them. when empowered with energy and emotion, they become a means of magick.

Force and Form. energy taken and shaped into a means of achieving your goal and then given form in the physical world as an expression of your thoughts and will.

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more thoughts.

Physical objects in spells can be thought of as stabilizers. they help focus the intention and stabilize it in the physical world, taking some of the burden off of the caster. the caster doesn’t have to concentrate quite so hard to get a firm shape in his energy.

Sympathetic Theory, two parts:

– version 1, the caster uses sympathy and symbolism to craft a stand in for the forces he wishes to bring to bare, or the result he wishes to create (perhaps both.) he then places this stand in where he wishes the results to manifest. such as on or around his person, home, or another subject.

– version 2: the caster creates a sympathetic/symbolic stand in for the TARGET of the spell, then uses actions to demonstrate the EFFECT he wishes the spell to have on said target.

two slightly different interpretations on exactly how sympathy can be employed in spellcasting.

though physical items are usually thought of as being used as the stand ins, words, gestures and other more non-material elements can be used just as well.

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