spells work via the principal of sympathy, and we harness that effect through imitative action. roughly 5 kinds of imitative action can be discerned.


  • Imitation in though
  • Imitation in words written or spoken,
  • Imitation in image
  • imitation in Action
  • imitation through sympathetic connection. (talismans, charged objects, proxies, potions, mojo hands)

many spells combine several kinds of imitation into a single working. words and incantation seem a good start place as any, as the logic of simile, metaphor and analogy can help structure the rest of the spell.

What precisely your imitating can be broken down into three general categories.

  • the effect you wish to produce
  • the target of said effect
  • the forces you wish to bring to bare to cause said effect to said target.

if the spell uses any kind opf physical focus for the energy (such as with imitation through image or sympathetic substance) wat exactly you do with it can be an issue. generally you can:

  • place the spell near the person or area its intended to effect
  • hide the focus in a special place (crossroads, graveyard, naterual settings)
  • destroy the focus through an element to release its energy (burn, bury, dissolve and so on)
  • if the focus is in fact a mundane tool with an ordinary purpose, its energy can be expressed through using it for that task. such as using an enchanted knife to cut, ribbons to be tied, incense burned, jewelry worn…and so on.
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