spell construction, hoodoo style?

  • determine the purpose of the spell, statement of intention, and all that.
  • create a passive focus, a representation of the subject of the spell, either a physical person or location, or abstract thought or idea.
  • create an active focus which represents the forces you with to bring to bare on the subject, and/or the outcome of the spell. often takes the form of a “potion” which is a distillation of other more difficult to work with media into something usable.
  • perform an imitative act on the spell focus that represents the desired effect of the spell.
  • keep the spell focus as close as you can to the subject of the spell, if that isnt possible you can hide it in a place of spiritual power, destroy it through the elements, or place it in an area you want its influence to manifest.


can the imitative act also double as the charging of the spells energy?

can the active focus and the imitative act combine?

can the imitative act also be combined with the release of the spells energy through elemental destruction?

what additional forms can the active focus take? wold scribing runes or similar symbols count?

additional thoughts:

a “potion” could be any means by which the desired energies called on in the spell and/or the spells results are symbolically applied to the passive focus. some traditions would use a literal herbal decoction, but anything that carries the right meaning and symbolic resonance could be used in this way.

the imitative act and raising/charging process could be combined into  the same act. if this is the case acts that could be easily repeatable into an uninterrupted chain may be preferable. to better allow for the building of power over time.



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