at its most basic level magical works are about expressing your will to the universe at large in a way that’s filled with power and will resonate out into the cosmos to work your will. there are a multitude of ways to do this, and while various traditions and cultures each have they’re own techniques, we can sketch out some general categories in which different methods can be placed.

Expressions in thought: using focused meditation and imagination to raise and direct magical energy. this is noteworthy while while it does comprise its own methods, it also forms the basis for the energy work you will be doing in the later, more complex forms. imagination is the muscle that moves magical energy.

expressions in Sound: chants, rhymes, incantations and the like. the second most basic and most common form of working. we already use words to structure and express out thoughts to one another. its a simple thing to fill the voice with power and use it to express magical intention to the cosmos.

Expression in action: hand poses, gestures, dance and the like can carry symbolic meaning, and thusly are well suited as a means of magical expression.

expression in craft: another commonmethod. this involves creating a physical representation of your magical intntions, and placing that item where you want the intention to manifest. many layers of symbolism and sympathetic connection are employed. as well as other methods for imbueing meaning into the object.

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