more thoughts.

Physical objects in spells can be thought of as stabilizers. they help focus the intention and stabilize it in the physical world, taking some of the burden off of the caster. the caster doesn’t have to concentrate quite so hard to get a firm shape in his energy.

Sympathetic Theory, two parts:

– version 1, the caster uses sympathy and symbolism to craft a stand in for the forces he wishes to bring to bare, or the result he wishes to create (perhaps both.) he then places this stand in where he wishes the results to manifest. such as on or around his person, home, or another subject.

– version 2: the caster creates a sympathetic/symbolic stand in for the TARGET of the spell, then uses actions to demonstrate the EFFECT he wishes the spell to have on said target.

two slightly different interpretations on exactly how sympathy can be employed in spellcasting.

though physical items are usually thought of as being used as the stand ins, words, gestures and other more non-material elements can be used just as well.

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