another deffinition

this is only ment to help understand the role of items and objects in spells. it does not cover the other two common styles of magic, those being meditations and verbal incantations. though these two often spear used with the methods outlined below.

In witchcraft the items and objects used are usualy crafted into a representation of the spells desried result and general intention of the working. may different layers of symbolism can be employed and and object once spiritually charged, can radiate out that intention into the environment, attracting its desired goal.

essentially, objects are turned into talismans of all different shapes and materials. some of these talismans are always “turned on,” radiating they’re power and intention into the environment, others are “turned on” by putting them to use, such as lighting a candle, burning incense, eating blessed food, and so on. hovering in a category close by are talismans that’s are crafted out of mundane tools and who activate they’re magic when that tool is picked up to use. such as a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, blanket and so on. the primary difference being the intention. the former sort of talisman has no other function to to contain and radiate spiritual power, while the latter uses spiritual power to add a new function to its pre-existsing use.

what is done with the talisman after its crafted varies depending on the working. often, the talisman can be hidden away where it wont be disturbed. the spirit realm is often known as “the hidden world” so hiding a charged talisman is a way of drawing sympathy with that realm. alternately, you can release the talisman into the universe by destroying it with a sympathetic element. bury it in the earth, burn it, set it adrift or hung from a high airy place. finally, you can keep the talisman in a location where you want the magic to manifest, such as a healing talisman in the bedroom of a patient, a protection talisman along the perimeter of a house, a talisman for good luck in your wallet, and so forth.

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