narle blarg

parts of magic

– Incantation: most basic. using words to form a coherent statement of will. then using chant and repetition to raise, shape and send energy concurrently.

— other forms of communication could be substituted for spoken words, such as hand signs and gestures, actions, color and so forth, as long as the act is performed with the intention of making magic for the desired effect.

– Ward and Glyph. like incantation, but the statement of will is written down or formed into a pictographic sigil, which is then filled with energy. useful as a more permanent way of etching the will of the caster into the universal field. could also be viewed as creating a spiritual magnet to draw the desired effect of the spell to the glyphs location. uses charging. allows a spell to remain effective over a longer period of time.

— its common to see wards, glyphs and written incantations used as a way of putting magic into something. you draw the words/picture onto the object you wish to enchant.

– Vessel:in which incantation and written glyphs, (as well as other forms of symbology,)  is used to prepare an object to receive magical energy and act as a container from which the energy can radiate from over a period of time.

— an important and very common sub-form of vessel is the proxy. in which the item is magically linked to an intended target (usualy via incantation, glyph or personal affect) and the intention of the spell is acted out upon it. likewise, a vessel can instead be a proxy for the intention of the spell itself, or the power the spell wishes to bring to bare. in which case the item is place where the power is intended to go.

– Talismans: in which incantation is used to direct energy into an object to awaken its inherent magical qualities. or instill those qualities if not already present. then placed or carried where the magic is desired to go.

vessels and talismans are very similar, and in fact the only real difference between them is a vessel has no inherent magical force, while a talisman does. either part can be used in the crafting of various tools and objects whose function is purely spiritual in nature, such as acting as a divination focus, a protector, cleanser, and so on.




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