a creative representation of a spell, filled with the spells spiritual energy to help bring the effect of the working into the material world. physical creativity for physical results. the spell form can be an object crafted to represent the spell and its desired outcome, a performance or act, food, meditations, whatever. the physicality of the form is what helps draw the desired result  into the physical world. physical objects can act as a kind of spiritual magnet through sympathy, drawing the desired energies to the desired location or subject.


generally, at least three layers of symbolism need to be address in a spell form, regardless of whatever shape that form takes in the end. the form must include a representation of the desired outcome, a representation of the energy you wish to work that outcome, and the subject who will receive that outcome.

the actual casting of the spell can be broken into three general phases. raising energy, informing the energy and releasing it. but am important distinction needs to be made here. through the above phases are stated as though there were three seperate, distinct steps, they are not. often, most working will fold 2, or even all three together into a single act. one physical motion can accomplish all three phases at once. most spells that i’ve come across seem to be designed like this.


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