Still chasing this thought around the room.

yet another way of organising a spell according to how it uses its components.

– Empowered tools: this is when a witch moves programed energy into a mundane object that’s normally used as some sort of tool. as the object is utilized for whatever its mundane function may be, the energy is expressed and radiated out to work the magic as well. for instance, a candle provides light, but can also be empowered to release magic as it burns, incense normally just smells nice, but it can be empowered to work magic as it perfumes a room. food is eaten, and again, can be empowered to work magic as its consumed.

in this case, the intention of the spell piggybacks on the tools mundane function, and uses that function as a releasing mechanism. to help reinforce the spells focus, the mundane use of the tool should be evocative of the spells goal.

– the second type is what i’d call a “mandala.” its an object created specifically and solely to act as a vessel for/booster of/container for magical power. the objects form is usually an image the spell, in two or three dimensions, either literally or in the abstract.

as these kinds of objects have no mundane function, you will need to set an “on trigger” that you perform with/to/on the object to set its energy in motion.

once again, this is merely an observation of how one style of spellcasting seems to work. there are other ways of doing magic that dont utilize physical components in the slightest.

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