Perthro, perth. pyo.

the dice/lot cup. a game of chance.

– Friends, good times and parties. throwing lots and dice were a common and much loved form of recreation for the Norse, so it brings with it connections of fun and frivolity.

– the unknown. mystery. one never knows what will turn up with a roll of the dice. so this rune connects with mystery and unexpected outcomes.

– lots were a common form of divination, so this rune itself is a symbol for the art.

– the action of hidden forces in ones life. good luck.

– secrets revealed.

— Reversed —

– Bad luck, risky gambles, foolish risks

– an unpleasant secret revealed

– dont take chances. things are not as they seem.

— magical uses —

– understanding the past in relation to fate.

– divination

– finding needed answers

– concealment.

– when open to the right, death.

– reveal secrets, especially dirty ones. magnify negative wyrd.


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