More Runes

Nauthis, Nyd, Need.

– a need

– a lack of something

– revealing destiny by illuminating the true needs and goals of a person. compelling one to his fate by his needs.

– Doing what ‘needs’ to be done, regardless of how unpleasent

– being deprived of something you need

– Desperation, hardship, urgency, Adversity

– be patient, troubles will pass. endure. be cautious.

– stress, difficulty, but you can prevail and be stronger for it.

–Reversed —

– something unwanted, or pointless.

– your desires might have hidden dangers.

– your needs go unfulfilled.

— Advises:

– Patience, you can endure. difficulties will pass. there is opportunity in adversity. you will be stronger for your trails.

— Magical Work —

– Banish lack

– turn frustration and stress to an advantage

– grants the strength to perservere

— inflict killing stress on an enemy.

— create a need or lack of a vital commodity.

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