eoh, ehwas, eihwas

the yew tree

– Protection and defense. the protective hedge

-Eternal Life, renewal, regeneration. (the yew is very long lived and can regenerate from within)

– guardian

– the world tree, axes around which the world turns. link between the upper and lower worlds.

– life and death. sap that can kill or lead to shamanic initiation.

– the unification of opposites

– shaped into a bow, a weapon of either offense or defense. highly flexible yet strong. 


– weak will

– inflexability.

– escapism from reality.

– death (its needles, bark and sap are poison)

— predicts

– endings and closures. the finishing of things.

– protection in the midst of harsh times.


– act now, without delay. be flexible but strong.

— magical Uses:

-protection, toughness and survival.

– finding things

– complete unfinished business. (find closure)

– endurance to achieve ones aims.

– understanding the dynamics of the spirit world. (connection to the Yggdrasil here)

– can bring death to those its drawn against.

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