Thurisaz, or Thorn.

the thorn that pierces. also, the hammer of Thor.


– The thunderbolt of Thor, protector of man and god alike.

– Protection

– Luck, like a bolt from the blue.

– Lucky runs dont last forever, be cautious.

Watch out for pointless stubbornness. (central theme here, thor was known for being pigheaded and rushing into things heedless of advice from wiser people, and he got lots of trouble for it.) be willing to seek out and heed the advice of others.

– Overall, forces of luck, protection and good health are entering the scene.


– Opposition from older, wiser or more powerful people to your goals.

– things you dont want to hear, but need to anyway.

– Blindly following your own path, refusing to listen to better advice from others.

– threats from subordinates.

— Other Notes:

The thorn row that protects with its spines, surrounds that which needs guarding and blocks paths. but will prick any who get to close, friend or foe. a wild force tamed and harnessed for protection.

being trapped or hemmed in. no path open that doesnt lead you through the thorns. lack of options. the need to grit your teeth and dive through the bushes to the other side. nature can be cruel. every rose has its thorn.


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