Ansuz, or Asa, the mouth. the rune of Odin, whos gift to man was the power of speech. this rune concerns itself with that gift.

– Spoken words

– Taking and giving information or advice

– Good Advice

– Eloquence

– ease of commiunication

– the need for careful thought and deliberation.

– New skill to be learned.

— Reversed–

– Verbal Deception and trickery.

– tongue tied, words fail.

– bad advice, often given with intent to manipulate.

– failure to learn from life lessons and hard experience.

– hoarding knowledge and useless data.

— personal notes:

this rune deals with the ability to communicate, primarily through the spoken word, but written words are only a step away, so logicly it could also apply there. all aspects of communication can be touched on with this rune, including making one self understood, choosing the right words, diplomacy, persuasion and even manipulation and lies of the tongue.

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