Rune Studies

endevoring to teach myself the meanings of the Elder Futhark.

Feho, or Feoh: cattle. to the ancient Norse, the number of cattle a family owned was directly related to how well off that family was. lots of cattle meant, lots of food, status and wealth. thus, the rune for cattle came to symbolize wealth, possessions, abundance, food and prosperity. reversed, this rune can indicate poverty, poor business decisions, a time of famine or greed.

Uruz: the oryx. a counterpart to Feho, Uruz stands for the animal Oryx, a wild form of cattle that is extremely strong, hearty and enduring. this rune embodies those qualities of stalwart strength, a healthy body and the will to endure on ones own. blaze new trails and stand apart from the crowd. reversed it could mean disease or sickness, but also a bully or brute who abuses his strength.

Thorn, or Thurisas: this is a tricky one. the rune can depict a thorn bush, or a bolt of lighting. both have strong connotations of protection to the Norse. the lethally throned hedges that guard a property and stop intruders is one meaning. the bolt of thor is another. Thor used his hammer to fight the enemies of the gods and man, harnessing the wild power of lightning and storms his protect what he held dear. he also used lightning to blast apart anything that stood in his way. thus this rune can break barriers and tare down obstacles. reversed, this rune suggests cowardice, an unwillingness to take risks. particularly tough obstacles in your path, and literal destructive storms.

Asa, or Ansur: a rune strongly linked to Odin, this embodies the ideals of communication through language, eloquence of speech, persuasion and poetry. all of which are considered gifts to man from the god Odin. invoke to aid communication and persuasion. reversed this rune can mean a miscommunication, boredom and attempts to push past persuasion into outright manipulation.

Rad, or Raidho: the rune of the clockwork universe. this rune can mean travel in the mundane sense. but it also stands for the universal harmony and order. everything constantly moving, but only in ways they’re supposed to. cyclical, clockwork like motion is key here. reversed, this rune can indicate stagnation, or even a loss of control. something going truely aberrant and “off the rails”






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