spell structure from the east

another handy way ofbreaking down and simplifying a spells structure we can borrow from the tantric tradition of India. the Mantra, Mudra and Mandala.

Mantra: a repetitive verse that raises and focuses energy on the spells purpose. in short, an incantation.

Mandala: An image of the spell, usually an object made to resemble the spells focus, either literally or symbolically.

Mudra: a ritual hand gesture with symbolic meaning. for our purposes, this can be defined as the ritual actions used to first construct the mandala, then the actions performed to cleanse, consecrate and empower it.


this is just a means of simplifying the spell to make it easier to understand, these arnt actual steps you complete one after another. often, they are combined into a single process that comprises the bulk of the casting procedure. you chant the mantra while crafting the mandala with mudra actions interspersed throughout to empower the process.

once complete, the mandala is placed in the location or near the person its meant to effect.

though mandala refers to an image, a literal picture, almost anything can be used as long as the symbolic correspondence is understood by the caster. candles, oils, cords, colors and so on, can all be used.


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