incantation and spellcraft

words appear as components of almost every spell. they present an easy way of directing your thoughts to the task at hand, and the physical energy of sound as well as your breath can act as an excellent vehicle for magical energy. generally, you can find three general types of incantation. these three catagories focus on the stages of crafting and casting a spell. something of note is that each kind of incantation always refrences the focus of the spell in some way. not all spells use all three styles of incantation, but some do. 

Words of Power: usualy a chant intended to raise energy for the spell. rythmic, flowing.

Words of empowerment: an incantation that gives the energy its instructions, and if the spell uses a focal object, sends the energy into it.

Words of Expression: the final step, this is the command for the energy to go to work. usualy said once the focal object has been placed in the location or on the person its meant to effect.


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