more orginization

There are two additional ways you can group spell-form type worksing together. based around what you do with the spell form once completed.

– Offering/Wish types: in this working, the spell form is usually destroyed or otherwise “used up” in the activation action. usualy in a way that is congruent with the elemental ruler of the spell, or otherwise evocative of the spells focus. think “releasing to the universe” and “letting the wish go” for this kind of thing. some traditions have very specific requirements for exactly how a spell form should be released.

– Staple types: this is a more permanent style of spell, where the spell form is (usualy) placed in the area (or on the person) that the castor wishes the magic to effect. the activating ritual usually consists of the thought “this is what i want you to do, and this is where i want you to do it”

Notes: some spell forms seem to blend the two styles. like empowered powders, foods oils and incense. you place them where you want they’re magic to go, but in releasing that magic, get used up or otherwise fade away.


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