4 structures of magic, from the green witchcraft series by Ann Moura.

Comparative: “this represents that” “this compares with that” “this is a stand in for that, and shares its powers” in this method, a connection is drawn between the objects used in the spell and the focus of the spell. the objects are used as symbols of the spells focus, and channels to its power.

Sympathetic: “this IS that” when a stand in is created for the focus of the spell, and is acted upon the way the castor wishes the focus to act. usually, by being placed where or on whom the caster wishes the magic to act.

Directive: raising energy through whatever method you prefer, and imprinting on it its directive through visualization or other methods, then letting it go into the cosmos to manifest. any objects used are simply to aid in meditative focus and not a direct conduit of power.

Transferal: “let this take on the essence of that” usually used as a healing method to move sickness away from a person. to infuse an object with quality (good or bad) you wish, then act on it in the desired way. for a healing, you’d transfer the sickness into the object, then destroy the object away from the patient to banish the illness.

Observations: Sympathetic and comparative seem rather close in concept. even to the extent of saying they mean the same thing, only phrased in slightly different ways. the same meta-pattern for object type spells also seems to hold true. craft a token representation of your spells focus, then put the token where you want the spell to go while doing something to set the spell to action.



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