sounding board time.

spells and magical workings that utilize physical components do so in a common manner. 

almost all of these types of spells involves the crafting of a physical object (or substance) to stand as a representation of the spells energy and/or the goal of the spell.

the means by which this object is crafted, the materials its made from and the different layers of symbolism involved vary a great deal.

an easy way to flow power into an object is to inscribe it with words, symbols, sigils or glyphs that correspond to the spells intention. failing this, you can speak an incantation or chant over the object, with the physical sound of your words acting as a transmission medium into the object.

once finished, the representation is empowered by the witch to make it spiritually active. like the crafting process, the empowering stage can vary a great deal among different traditions. this process “awakens” the sympathetic connections used to craft the object, making it into a thing of power. some casters empower each ingredient of the object separately as they put it together, while others finish the representation in its entirety then flow the power into it.

one way to think of it, is the spell is designed to create a spiritual transmitter that will broadcast your intention out into the cosmos.

next, there are a few options as to how this object can then be used.

  •  ritually destroyed or released to the element the spell most closely corresponds with (burning, burying, submerging, smudging)
  •  kept either on the person or in the location the area it is meant to affect. failing this, kept in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.
  •  used as a stand in to ritually represent something that cannot be physically present in a pantomime.

Nutshell: creating a symbolic representation of your desired outcome, then charging it to make it “active” on the spiritual level.





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