so then what?

once the spell tool has been created and energized, you have to do something with it. most spells do one of the following as a means of implementing they’re magic. these actions are usualy accompanied by further incantations as a way to tell the spell “go here and do this”

burn it (candles, petitions)


– bury it


– Submerge or release it into water


– cast it into the air


– consume/eat/drink it (potions, food, libations)


ware/carry it (jewelery, clothing, mojo hands)


Display it in a related area (rune placks, petitions)


– perform further ritual pantomime with it (poppets, effigies)


spread it around a related area (incense, powders, smudging)


– Anoint with it (oils, potions, tinctures, some powders)




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