In candle magic, the basic premise behind the procedure is simple. You choose a candles whos color and shape represent your desired outcome, the symbolism of which is further deepened by carving symbols, sigils and words of power into the wax. Loading it with matching herbs and dressing it in the right oils. You then channel spiritual energy into the candle that has been programmed with your intentions through visualization. The candles magic is then activated by lighting the wick, as the candle burns the magic is released and change takes place. Many other spells follow a template that is very similar. So by generalizing it a little, we get the following:


  • –Phase 1: start by crafting a representation of your intended goal.

  • phase 2: raise and channel energy into the representation to spiritualy awaken it.

  • –Phase 3: perform an additional ritual action on or with the item ro activate its magic and set the forces in motion.

  • Note: the three phases arnt necessarily distinct steps, and many spells blend them together, rearrange them or even perform a single phase more then once.

  • Note 2: there is a great degree of flexibility in what you use to make your representation, as well as the ritual actions you take to empower and activate it.

  • Note 3: generally, a strong symbolic resemblance to your goal is desired for your representation. You can engage multiple forms of symbolism to achieve this, from color, material, shape, number, herbs and oils, and so on. The activating action should also bare a resemblance to the overall goal, if possible.

  • Note 4: the activating action is a way of telling the spells energy “go now, and act here/on this”


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