magick through story


Another style for writing the incantations and chant portion of the spell work could be called “story style.” where you shape the wording of the chant as though it were an old fashioned parable or fable. Using all the literary style and nuance you might expect to find in a fairy tale. Usually these chants are phrased in the past tense, as though the act they describe has already taken place. And sometimes are also written in third person. Though you may want to change that to first to make the spell more immediate to your situation. Like other incantations this style can use the logic of metaphor and simile to help make its point. It should mention the goal of the spell and should reference any actions or items used to help the magic along. Specificity, it can help for the chant to elaborate on the symbolism of any tools or actions you take, effectively declaring them as a means of working magic.

Here’s an example:

“And so it came to pass,  that with words and power the witch-man did call down a veil around him. and the veil hid him from his enemies and any who wished him harm. though his enemies looked for him, they could find the witch-man not…this is a true thing”

“And so it came to pass, that one day the witch-man stood in front of his home, and raised his hands to draw down the breath of heaven. from this breath the witch-man shaped walls of spirit to encircle his home. the witch-man wove his thoughts into the wall, that no dark spirit or person with ill intent could cross it. and that all within would be protected…this is a true thing”

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