A few thoughts on healing work.

the human body is an amazing thing. it can recover from the most debilitating of injury or disease if given the chance. the trick is to keep it clear from any agents of infection that might slow down the process or cause further disease. with that in mind, my healing works tend to focus more on cleansing and banishing illness so the body can do its thing without interference. to that end i tend to use:

– Sea salt and purified water to asperge and cleans the space the patent resides in.

– smudge with a sage bundle

– charge a small green plant with healing intent and keep it by the patent to radiate its energy.

– empower some form of sterile cleaning agent, such as diaper wipes with healing energy and gently give the patient a rub down. combine a chant and visualization along with this action to raise restorative power and promote healing. be sure to use something sterile and that’s safe to put on the patents skin as a vehicle for the magic. you don’t want your spell component getting them even sicker through infection. also avoid touching any wounds or sutures. move your hands over and around these things, but never directly touch them. and of course WASH YOUR HANDS beforehand.

– have the patent drink blessed water accompanied by a prayer for health.

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