yet more on spell components.

  • when casting a spell two of the three basic steps are raising energy and programming that energy to your desire using intense visualization. These two processes are very intense, and even experienced practitioners have trouble doing them both at once. This is where the primary benefit of magical components comes into play.
  • Most spells of this kind will have you construct a physical object to act as a housing for the spells energy. Various kind of symbolism are employed when crafting the house to make it resemble, either literally or in the abstract, the intention behind the spell. The spell caster then raises energy and mentally pours that energy into the housing, where all those different kinds of symbolism and intention shape the power for you. Much like how water will take the shape of the glass that holds it, or clay pressed into a mold. There’s less need to visualize as intensely with this method, as the housing will literally program the energy for you. That’s not to say you should discard visualization entirely, but you don’t have to put as much effort into this stage with the housings help.
  • Later, the spell can be expressed by using the spells house in a ritual manner. one big example is If a ordinary mundane object was used as the base of the housing, you can tie the spells expression to the items use For instance: an empowered candle will express its magic when lit. scissors or a knife when used to cut. Incense when burned, food when eaten, and so on. Otherwise, you will need to give some thought as to what ritual words/actions will act as a trigger for the spells expression.
  • There are a couple of other benefits to using magical items like this. The first being a boost to the spells energy provided by any natural materials that can carry a charge included in the spells housing. Every bit of energy makes the magic stronger. Waste not want not. Secondly, by tieing the spell to a physical object you gain a handle on it that can be used to more precisely control when, where and on whom the spell is used. For instance, a spell to gain enhanced luck isnt needed all the time, only when faced with a situation that’s potentially risky. By housing that spell in an object and keeping it with you, you ensure that it will trigger only when you need it, and otherwise wont waste its strength radiating away when you don’t. A spell for healing placed into a jar of salve can be rubbed into the exact spot on the patients body that needs the healing.
  • Its all essentially different ways of expressing your intention to the universe. You cant always rely on visualization to program you energies, especially when distracted, so you find different ways of doing it that don’t require your constant attention.
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