Key concepts

The Law of Association: this is a primary concept for almost all magickal practices. it deals with the way two things can be connected spiritually, and how those connections can be utilized to make magick happen. you can  split this concept up into two broad sub laws that describe how it works.

— Symbolism: in a general sense, a symbol is something that is used in place of another. if in a ritual you cannot use A, so you substitute B in its place and treat B as if it were A. often, a symbol will need to bare some resemblance to whatever it is its standing in for. either literally or in the abstract. it can be helpful to think of symbols as either substitutes or placeholders for things you cant actually lay hands on during a ritual.

— Sympathy: the idea that like attracts/effects like. or that two things that resemble one another are connected to each other. a symbol of a thing is connected spiritually to that thing through association. through these connections, power can be channeled. a symbol is spiritually connected to the thing its standing in for.

— Contagion: two things once connected, stay connected on the spiritual plane even if physically separated. this connection allows you to effect one thing by acting on its counterpart. 

— transference: the essence/power of one thing can be given to another by making that new thing resemble the original.

— Simile: many spells are written as a simile of sorts. even spells that dont use a verbal component can benefit from the general logic of a simile, in which two things are compared with the word “like” “as” “than” and so forth. using simile you can link an action with an item and your intention for the spell into a coherent whole. example: “As the moon shines, my sickness recedes. as she rises, my strength returns”

— Signatures: a corollary to the concept of sympathy. you can determine the sympathetic qualities a thing may have be looking at its appearance (or other attributes) and looking for a resemblance to other things. this is primarily used as a way of classifying things to which element rules them.

— charging: a very important concept. this is the practice of magically telling an object what you want it to do (filling it with your intention) and providing it with the spiritual energy it needs to do so. almost all spells that utilize physical components use them in this way.

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